Some Of Our Members

Owoyokun Samson Olabamiji

Fapohunda Felix Omotayo

NEWS ALERT !!! LAUTECH ALUMNI , Alumni Pre-reunion 2014 !!! Venue: NuStreams Conference Centre,Mile 110, Dugbe - Abeokuta Road, Opposite Alalubosa Estate, Ibadan. Date: 20th December, 2014. Time: 10am prompt.

Recall your Past! Remember your School Friends!

Excellence, Integrity, and Service! The tripod! The guiding principles that churned, and continue to churn out noble men and women, who have since been garbed with Integrity, demonstrated excellence, rendered worthy services to Nigeria and the world at large. The tripod that defines us – as undergraduate as well as alumni!

Having cross the shores of LAUTECH, our great Alma mata, it is simply appropriate to come back to give back to the hand that fed us all. From the struggles that stretch from Takie Junction to Salco Hotel, the unprecedented breakthrough in research and inventions, to recent achievements of various individuals in different fields across the world; it is only appropriate to reunite under the Alumni body to reminisce, recount, appreciate, and more importantly, form an impregnable wall of network that will rub of one another. Today, on this platform that reduces the whole world to a global village, we resolve to stay together defying coordinates of space and time.

Greatest Ladokite! We welcome you home! ..

From The President

Dear Ladokites!


Precisely, 15th of November 2014, I decided to take an inflexible determination to lead this young association with a very clear focused and clear road map to a respectable height. This determination was not completely devoid of taking cognizance of various challenges that had impeded the growth and progress of our 10 year old association who has failed to proffer solutions to major and vital issues like improving turnaround time of transcript and certificate processing, collaborating with the University Management to develop the school in all frontiers, creating an enabling platform that will attract Alumni to give back to the school that baked them, attracting investors to invest in the school and promoting positively the image of the association within and outside the country.

LAUTECH has produced over 50,000 graduates, post graduates inclusive, in the last 24 years of existence, by April 2015, we will be celebrating our silver jubilee. As an Alumnus of that great institution, let us take a stock and cursory look at the school and ask ourselves whether we are satisfied with the way things are or not, if the answer is no, why are we still staying aloof, time has come for us to make an input that will translate to a positive difference, the time has come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas that have dominated this association.

You say our association is not progressing, you say it is not being run well, you say, say and say, instead what do you do about it? Ask what we can do for the association and what has to be done, to borrow Ghandi’s words “There is enough in this world for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed”. Let us work towards an association where we would do unto others what we would have others do unto us. Let us all be responsible members who make our institution a great place, it is about personal tenacity, it is about giving back more to life than you take out of it.

I once again welcome everybody on board, let us collectively reposition this association, your input plus mine is a bonus.

Highest Regards,

Babajide Bewaji.